1867 definitions by Hercolena Oliver

Lowly self-esteem
Seems the elf-esteem's not all it's played to be.
by Hercolena Oliver November 10, 2008
A shortened version of simple, unelegant one-word h......uuuuuu (last I counted) term for http://www or suffice to say more elaborately as indeed less is more http colon forward slash forward slash, pronounced as Hugh.
Hey, y dontcha add hu urbandictionary to your favorites, or as we say in SA favourites?
by Hercolena Oliver August 01, 2008
pre-existing, also possibly pre=emptive to a lesser extent
Any idea pree?
by Hercolena Oliver August 03, 2009
Is/are observable
For the tears you've flooded aspie.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
A kiss
Tx for the many definitions of x in defiance of logic. Affectionately. x
by Hercolena Oliver December 28, 2008

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