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Pronounced (Al-ke-hall-ack)

A fictional insurance company run by an Alcoholic. A spin off of Aflac. The drunk sounds like a duck when he speaks. Only says "Whats that?" "Baaah" and "Alcoholac"
"If your hurt and miss work who do you call?"

"Whats that?"

"If your hurt and miss work who do you call?"

by Herbie Mackengeorge January 30, 2009
The mating call of the legendary Jim Leveled. Usually accompanied by a swig of Jack Daniels and a slap to the face.
JimL: Watch me pick up this chick. She totally wants me.

Person: No, why would she want an old lanky alcoholic?

Jim: Watch this....Baaaaaaah!!!

Woman: Ahh, get away from me (followed by some pepper spray)
by Herbie Mackengeorge January 27, 2009
A person who was born and lives in Massachusetts, but for some reason dresses like a cowboy. Usually a symptom of dementia from too many years of drinking.
Person 1: Why are you wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat?

Person 2: Because I grew up on a farm in Massachusetts.

Person 1: Oh, your a Massachusetts Cowboy.

Person 2: Baaaaaaaahhh!!!
by Herbie Mackengeorge January 27, 2009
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