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Best fucking movie ever. The only movie I can keep watching over and over and still keep laughing.
"Yeah, didn't you get that memo?"
by Herbie Hancock June 30, 2004
The best Worms game in the series, available for PS, N64, and PC.
"Yeah, yeah you may have kicked my ass in couter strike, but I'll own you in Worms Armageddon!"
by Herbie Hancock June 30, 2004
One afraid of or who hates blacks, or other dark skinned individuals.
"That man hates the niggers, he's such a negrophobe."
by Herbie Hancock July 01, 2004
1337 speak spelling of leet speak.
1337 sp34k or 1337 5p34k
by Herbie Hancock June 30, 2004
Program used to for verbal communication between teammates in the game Battlefield 1942.
"I can fucking type fast enough, let's use ventrillo."
by Herbie Hancock June 30, 2004

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