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A person that chews their food obnoxiously loud...to the point of sounding like a cow chewing grass.
"Dude...your such a plapper...close your mouth!"

"Bro...you sound like a cow..stop plapping!"
by Herbi October 27, 2007
The act of facebooking or going on facebook while in a sleep-like state, drunk, extremely tired, or delusional.

Also a common disorder of stalkers and teenage girls who constantly change their facebook status from "single" to "its complicated" to "in a relationship" to "married" within minutes.

Can also refer to someone who is on facebook way too late at night.
"Man, I woke up this morning and I was sleepbooking sleep-booking sleep booking bumper stickers all day...it was great."

"Woah man...stop sleepbooking sleep-booking sleep booking the day before the SAT...your a retard."

"Don't you hate it when teenage girls keep sleepbooking sleep-booking sleep booking their relationship status all freakin' day!"
by Herbi January 19, 2009
Fake shoes that come from flea markets or other shady dealings. A play on the shoe brand "Phat Farms." There are actually shoes that flip the P logo upside down making appear to be a Q.
"Yo nice Quack Farms. What flea market they come from."

"I was going to buy a pair of shoes until I realized they were Quack Farms."
by Herbi January 26, 2009
A joke.
"Detroit is a joke."
by Herbi January 26, 2009

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