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Jewish-Christians who not only worship Yahweh, but, make a point of actually referring to Him by His real name "Yahweh" rather than a substitute such as "God" (Gad).

Yahwists also refer to the Messiah (commonly called "Jesus") as Yahshua.

Yahwists usually eat only kosher meats, observe the weekly sabbath and seven annual sabbaths.
The seal of yahweh certainly seems to apply to Yahwists!
by Herbert W. Headstrong July 07, 2009
Beautiful and awesome sportscar produced by Porsche in the 1970's & 80's.
I think the Porsche 924 is the favorite car of Yah.

Oh yeah, why is that?

Because on a telephone YAH = 924.
by Herbert W. Headstrong July 15, 2009
ROSH = Head
HA = The
therefore "Head {of} the year".
aka "Jewish New Year".
It is ironic that Rosh HaShanah is called "Jewish New Year", because it actually takes place on the first day of the Biblical SEVENTH Month (LEVITICUS 23:23-25). The "New Year" designation is not Biblical, rather it was picked up from Babylonian culture where this time was considered to be the New Year.
by Herbert W. Headstrong August 18, 2009
Meat defined as "clean" by Yahweh in the Bible (Deuteronomy 14:3-21).
Peter's vision does NOT deny kosher meats, rather by it Yahweh showed Peter not to call Gentiles "unclean".
by Herbert W. Headstrong June 30, 2009

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