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Slang used when talking to your pot dealer. Instead of asking if he has marijuana, you ask if he's good. Keeps your dealer under the radar, and he would appreciate it. SMOKE HERBAGE
My dealer was Good so I went and bought some of that Good Good.
#slang #pot #dealer #marijuana #herbage
by Herbageman420 February 25, 2009
Another name for masturbating/ wacking off/ Jerking off/ beatin it. The art of pleasuring oneself.
After a rough day at school, James had a crucial Beat Sesh, sucks his mom walked in on him.
#masturbating #wacking #pleasuring #jerking #beatin
by Herbageman420 March 05, 2009
Very dank marijuana. Better then the average herb. The age on the end of herb signifies it's dankness. Bong rips all day with that shit.
Me and my boy picked up some herbage, and then got blazed as hell.
#dank #marijuana #herb #bong #rips
by Herbageman420 February 25, 2009
To scream or yell out obscene words or phrases as you drive past people walking in your car. Better to merk at hot bitches. Always puts a smile on your face
Mark screamed out "suck me bitch" as we drove by these two girls, it was a successful merk session.
#obscene #car #drive #scream #phrases
by Herbageman420 June 02, 2009
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