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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. A disorder were the affected finds concentrating difficultEasily distracted, is an overly hyper person, very impulsive, and is easily swuny into deep crevices of depression. As many as 25% of ADHD vctims also have Bipolar disorder, also most ADHD people are OCDObsessive compulsive disorder. ADHD victims are very delicate so one must be careful with them. Many people "Outgrow" ADHD when they become adults though at least half of the victims show symptoms later in life. Strangely enough a stimulant, MathylphenidateRitalin is used to treat it, it is not a cure but the stimulant calms the person down.
"Wow you are hyper, do you have ADHD?"
by Herald Goldminer October 22, 2008

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