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A ridiculously awesome freshman-year program in DWM studies at Yale. Officially known as Directed Studies. Every week is essay week. Except especially awesome ones.

There are three classes: History/Political Thought, Philosophy, and Literature; they meet three times a week, with one lecture and two discussion sections each.

Everybody in DS hates DS, but after it's over they love it.
Directed Suicide demonstrates sexiness with dangerous style!

You: Wanna go to the dance on Thursday?
Me: Bitch please, I'm in DS!

Me: Man, now that I'm a senior I'm so glad I took DS.
You: ....
by Heraclitus October 29, 2008
The mixing of Sprite and Apple Juice to form a delicious and refreshing drink
"Hi John, I'm thirsty"

"Why don't you have a Sprapple?"

"Great idea, that'll quench my thirst"
by heraclitus April 10, 2013
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