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A pretentious way of saying the word "dirty", If a British accent is applied, the definition seeminly becomes more pointed. Duhty has the same meaning as dirty...just with more disgust. Can be used to describe anyone or anything that's nasty, unkempt, vile, hygenically unsound, or vulgar. Also a slang term for very drunk.
Laurie and Walter took one look at Belinda carrying on with that snaggle toothed Armenian circus performer and knew immediately that she was a filthy, duhty whore.
by Her Royal Anus March 18, 2007
A slang term usually uttered in the South..more specifically in the South....most assuredly in Texas..mainly in Houston and almost always by Chuck Savage. It is used as a verb to describe anything going into the body, food...beverages...even sex. Anything that can be inserted into any oriface.
Walter asked the young men to go eat dinner with him and get some supper all-up-off-inya. The young man declined the invitation.
by Her Royal Anus March 18, 2007

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