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(n) A subset of Hip-Hop produced by Australian musicians, otherwise known as skips.

Skip-Hop is rapped in a broad Australian accent, usually with references to iconic items or activities, such as fish'n'chips, Coopers Beer, hanging out in Frankston, or the didgeridoo.

Skip-Hop usually draws heavily on sampling, and is famous for its clean and bouncy beats.

Skip-Hop does NOT encompass Hip-Hop rapped by Australians in American accents. This is referred to as lame and traitorous.
TZU, Good Buddha, Delta, The Herd, The Avalanches, Downsyde, Hilltop Hoods, Mega Bias, Solomon Klepto, 13th Son, Afterhours, Art of War, Debris
by Her Radicalness August 19, 2005
(abbrv.) Fucking Cunt

Usually added as code after a person's initials.
'Wow, that meeting sucked - I really hate that JSFC (John Smith Fucking Cunt).'
by Her Radicalness August 19, 2005
(adj.) very, very cool.
'Did you like the new Beastie Boys album?'
'Yeah, man, it's federal.'
by Her Radicalness August 19, 2005
(interj.) An alternative to 'excuse me', used after belching or farting.

This usage came about due to 'tits' being more enjoyable to say than 'excuse me' or 'pardon me', and has since come into common use in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
Person One (after farting): 'Tits!'
Person Two: 'You're excused.'
by Her Radicalness August 19, 2005
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