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a white woman / latin or asian that is a real slut for black men - takes endless amounts of big black cock and always wants more. Black guys use her like a well used collectively owned bike.
hey look theres Jane, that white slut shes taken so much big black cock her pussy's so black stretched she's a real nigger bike. She's no use to any white guy because her pussy's been nigger fried.
by hephaestus May 22, 2007
A white husband who has agreed or been told by his wife that she's fucking negroid men exclusively
White wife said to her white husband, "I have black cucked you"
by hephaestus November 25, 2006
Where a white lady has had sex with a large black guy with a thick BBC and been over filled beyond any point of sex with a white guy.
Jane found that her black lover had stretched her pussy beyond any point her white husband was able - when she returned home her husband remarked with envy and shock "Jane, you've been black stretched"
by hephaestus May 21, 2007
where a white woman and / or white man as a couple or single has become so obsessed with black men / women that they wish sexual dominance by black wity the white couple acting in a submissive regard to them.
There is a web site with the name niggerworship that celebrates this phenomena - niggerworship could be called a sexual fetish.
by hephaestus June 11, 2007
A white girl in the UK that seeks out black men exclusively for sex,love,dating - a sad derogatory term used by other white people that have a problem with this preference. Look guys just because you think its offensive - doesn't mean its not widely used - it would be like saying no one uses the term nigger
"See that girl over there?" white guy A
"She looks hot" white guy B
"Its sad because she just dates black guys" white guy A
"Argh, you mean she's a 'Wog Slot'" white guy B
by hephaestus May 21, 2007
A term for a woman or women that fuck black men only. Sometimes they will get a tattoo of a black spade marking them out to black guys as being blacked only
Jane walked into the bar - exposing her tattooed ankle of a black spade she sat down next to 3 blackmen , one of the black guys nudged his friend and whispered "hey, shes a spaded lady / ies"
by Hephaestus June 04, 2007
Where a married cuckold couple are asked and comply with handing over their wedding bands / wedding rings to a dominant guy sometimes called a bull who is generally using the wife for sex and humiliating the husband and or allowing other sissified and or other duties. The rings are sometimes then held on a chain round the 'bulls' neck whilst he is hammering the cuckold husbands wife - occurs with both black and white bulls.
At the very start of the cuckolding Jane and John both were asked to give their rings to Jamal who placing the rings on a chain round his neck grinned with satisfaction that they had been bullinged as he began to black stretch Janes white pussy into submission and laughed at John as he stood shaking and watching this dominant reproductive conversion.
by hephaestus June 11, 2007

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