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A talented thief. Originally fingersmith meant anyone talented at using his/her fingers in any matter whatsoever. It evolved to mean someone talented at stealing. Sarah Waters wrote a brilliant novel called "Fingersmith" about a man who swindles a woman; he was a thief.
What a fingersmith that little pick-pocket is!
by Hephaestion January 28, 2007
Noun meaning the suburbs, or remote locales where only heterosexuals live freely. Often recognizable by large numbers of SUVs and children running about, and lack of decent restaurants.
Oh, God, I have to go visit my sister out in Breedersville this weekend! God help me!!
by Hephaestion May 09, 2006
Any area known for being the residence of a preponderance of people of the heterosexual persuasion. Often a drab, dreary part of town. The word was made famous by a now-classic episode of the "Ellen" show in which Ellen DeGeneres and her friends make a treacherous excursion to Straighttown in order to buy a lounge chair with a cup holder on it.
Ellen: "We have to go down to Straighttown tonight."
Patrick: "Why on earth would you go down THERE!?"
Ellen: "Where else are we going to find a lounge chair with a cup holder built into it??"
by Hephaestion May 09, 2006
Derrogatory word for a heterosexual person.
Made popular by the character Jack on the "Will and Grace" television sitcom.
"Not so close, there, straightee! That's my sister you're drooling on!"
by Hephaestion May 09, 2006
Derogatory word meaning "male heterosexual." Made popular by the character Jack on the American television series "Will & Grace" during the 2005-2006 season.
A pox upon you, you hole puncher! I am sick of being a second class citizen when I am a MUCH better citizen than you are!
by Hephaestion May 09, 2006
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