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3 definitions by Hentsep Renge

Used to describe a period of time out usually accompanied by intense torturous thinking.
Most commonly at a party where you get some alone time to sober up and decide whether to drink more, attempt to pull a bird or curl up and die.
Yo dude, you nailin' that whale tonight?
Na bruv, I dunno, I've got to go sit on the bonnet I'm battered mcnattered.

Yo bru, are you jacking off in there, let me in, I've got to pee!
Na sorry mate I'm just sitting on the bonnet in here!
by Hentsep Renge March 02, 2009
A buddy that is pure repulsive to the ladies to the extent that his presence prevents you from getting any action.
"I hate going out with George, he is such a CockBlock!"

"I was just talking to a gang of hotties who were gagging for my cock and then George came over and and they all said they had to catch a taxi. I was practically guaranteed some tang, George is such a CockBlock man!"
by Hentsep Renge March 03, 2009
An immense feeling of pleasure achieved during urination, it only happens of very rare occasions (frequency is increased with alcohol consumption), but when it does it can be like a miniature orgasm.
**At House Party**

Guy Number 1: Dude, I just pissed all over Rach's bathroom, do you think I should tell her?

Guy Number 2: No, Shh dude, keep that shit to yourself!, How the fuck did you manage to piss everywhere anyway you jeb end, didn't you ever learn to aim!

Guy Number 1: Of course I can aim dude, I just had a porgasm and I got this tingly sensation up from my bell end all the way up to my spine and then I had involutary convulsions of my back muscles and before I knew it I had piss all over myself.

Guy Number 2: Ah, now it all makes sense!
by Hentsep Renge August 31, 2009