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Wapanese is a derogatory term used by those in the Anime and Manga fan community (although it is used in the Tokusatsu fan community as well, but far less so) to refer to those within the community who seem (or who obviously are) obsessed with all things Japan/Japanese.

Many traits considered to be 'Wapanese' include (but are not limited to):

-Attempt's to interject various common Japanese words into their everyday speech, regardless if the listener can under the words or not. The most common words used are 'Kawaii", "Desu", "Baka" as well as various Honorifics such as San, Sama, Chan, Kun and so on.

-The preference of Japanese media (Music, Movies, TV shows...) over that of their local media. In some extreme cases they will not Listen to/Watch/Read anything that is not Japanese.

-Buying and Importing large amounts of goods from japan, ranging from genuine collectibles to foodstuffs, gaming software, Photobooks, Posters and the like relating to a liked Anime/Manga/J-Media property or celebrity.

-Maintains that Japan/The Japanese people are far superior to their own Country/People despite lack of first hand knowledge. Often mistakenly believes the Xenophobic and still somewhat Racist Japanese society would accept them as one of there own.

-Has a preference for dating Japanese women/men. (Note: Having preference for Asian women/men in general is NOT a Wapanese trait)
-Cosplays even when not at conventions or other similar events.
Example of a Wapanese interjecting common Japanese words into a Conversation:

"Oh, Michel-San, that shirt is so Kawaii! Ore Suki!"
by Henshin86 November 12, 2009

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