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To be "chunk't"

1. To be in such immense hysterics that one is unable to breath. Such an experience is highly enjoyable and is scientifically proven to improve life span.

2. To have a phenominal rack. Such a title is only given to girls marked 11/10. This is a highly cherished achivment for the female species.

3. To look so stupid as to seem as if posing as a short, Chinese, gymnast.

4. To be rich in marrow and carrot

(Also tied with the Yiddish word of the same spelling meaning short to medium length trou.)
1. "omg! i am so chunk't right now man! I love you!"

2. "Wow! That chick is chunk't!"

3. "hahaha LOL AT UR FACE! You look proper chunk't! O DEAR!"

4 "Man that guy looks so chunk't! That carrot must be 4ft long!"
by Henry n's Nat February 25, 2008

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