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A fucking dumbass redheaded retard that goes insane at the smallest problem and sais "get it son" all of the time.
nancy- " dont freak out man, your acting like such a leecoye".
james- " shut the fuck up bitch ".
by Henry h20 August 11, 2006
A girl queefs on a bed so much that she leaves dents in the sheets.
person 1"damn James, that girl queefd' so much on that bed last night that it left dents in the sheets, I think I ate too much of her broccoli"
person 2"what do u mean, queef slippage?"
person 1"hell no you donkey pissing shit monger ground queef."
by henry h20 August 09, 2006
When a pregnant woman slips on ice and causes an abortion.
person 1-" oh shit Lacey, what the hell?"
Lacey- " my baby, oh my God! I slipped on the ice and my baby squirted out."
person 1- " oh no! you caused a pregger slushy on public property.".
by Henry h20 August 11, 2006

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