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Hanging wedgie (n.) - When a person or a group of people grab your tighty whities and hang them you on a coat deg, doorknob, etc. You are left hanging there for a long period of time.
When I was in the 9th grade and changing after PE in the locker rooms, some seniors grabbed me by my tighty whities and left me hanging in the locker room. Everyone was laughing. I was so embarrassed, I peed my pants and everyone even more.
by Henry Sandoval August 03, 2005
Tighty whitie loser (n.) - An unlucky boy is caught wearing tighty whities. Tighty whities should only be worn by kids 12 years old or younger. If anyone is caught wearing tighty whities, they are given wedgies on a daily basis.
When I was in junior high, I was playing with my friends on the recess yard. My pants were really loose and eventually fell to the ground. Mostly everyone saw my tighty whities ard laughed. I was crying the whole day. I was so embarrassed. Then in High school, I was changing for PE and I was wearing tighty whities. Some older guys picked me up by my tighty whities and hung me in the locker room for everyone to see. Everyone laughed at me. Now I only wear boxers!
by Henry Sandoval August 03, 2005

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