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Wuppa Dil-dil is a saying witch can be translated as "wuts up man" or something liek that ... this kid i met at community service made it up when he was high.... his name is liek alan or someting .. hes from newton... hes tha man
sum guy: wuppa dil-dil
me: awesome .. ppl r using this word!
by henry meyer November 21, 2004
ok .. wuppadildil is kinda like saying .. yo .. wuts up .. kinda and its a cool word and anyone who uses it will have women come up to them and ask u to make babies w/ them
super cool guy: wuppadildil man
me : awesome .. ppl r using this word
bystanding girl:... hey .. can i make a baby with u ?

it works... its kinda like the axe affect .. but its like .. the wuppadildil affect
by henry meyer November 23, 2004
Asian people. me and my nxt door neighbor were talking about my russian friend (doesnt use shampoo) and im not sure how it came out but liek were were also playing underground 2 ... great game ... but it jsut came outta my mouth .. and now its up here ( the fact that my friend is russian has nothign to do w/ the fact that imports are asian)
um... .. video game stores are full of imports
by Henry Meyer December 08, 2004

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