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The undisputed champion of nasty words. Considered by most to be the most derogatory word in the English language.
Creating severe damage to the victim.
And when accompanied with "power" words, this term can be even more offensive.

ex: You're a fucking cunt.

Damage: 300 hit combo with a fatality and a complimentary kick to the chops & genitalia.
Ex: Your girlfriend is pregnant, she goes in labor! You rush outside your apartment, hail a cab to rush to the hospital! Just before you can help your knocked up girlfriend out the door... An old women hops in your cab. Burn. What do you do??? leave your bun and your oven? Standing at the door alone. No my friend. You fire off the heaviest bomb in your arsenal of insulting terms. "Hey you fucking Cunt!!! Thats my cab!!!"
BAM! That old hag has no idea wtf is happening. She just got assaulted by 300 of your verbal attackers, murdered, kicked in the teeth and her own sour vagina.
#this #term #has #no #equal.
by Henry McByrd April 24, 2009
The ultimate tool keeper. A tool shed is the evolved version of a tool box. Why? She has way to many tools to have just a box, infact a tool shed may have 3 or 4 tool boxes inside their tool shed. And who knows what other mechanical wonders she has in there!!!
A tool shed is a girl who has had sexual intercourse with a phenomenal amount of the men (tools) shes been using.

Convo between 2 girls:

Girl 1: "Like omg!, that whore has fucked like... 34 guys just for their money!"

Girl 2: "Like i know! What a fucking tool shed!"

#tool #tool bag #rusty tool #idiot #tool box.
by Henry McByrd April 24, 2009
To be killed by an Irishman.
"That poor British bastard."

"how'd he go?"

"Was fuckin paddywhacked"
#pushing clovers #o'murdered #shot by a drunkard #died in a donnybrooke #swimming in the bog
by Henry McByrd July 09, 2009
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