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4 definitions by Henry Finkler

When an african american is dropped off a skyscraper and is used as a weapon of mass destruction on an unsuspecting jew.
Mike Brown was captured, brought to the Sears tower and dropped. The robber was using him as a hopeful nigbomb.
by Henry Finkler April 26, 2004
Clams on rice with butter.
Kramenappe, dude.
by Henry Finkler April 26, 2004
The severe backup of semen, cum, load, in an ear. Usually caused by a 41 or 82.
Jordan Boehler got fucked in the ear so hard last night he was diagnosed with a severe and possibly fatal case of jizzbrain.
by Henry Finkler April 26, 2004
The penetration of both eardrums by a simultaneous dick stabbing. Similar to 41, but twice as hardcore and also leads to twice as much jizzbrain.
Jordan Boehler was playing doctor with Bobby Hughes and Brian Thompson last night when he offered to receive an 82 from the two queers. Bobby's a jew so his cock is small.
by Henry Finkler April 26, 2004