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Pronounced like cake; because a day without cake is a day without love.

KAKE is the name for four crazy girls who met at Hardin-Simmons University

They are as follows:

Kaity - Compulsive road sign theif and provider of coffee; Professional one woman air band.

Ana - Pixy Stix addict and movie buff. Likes to scare people while brandishing vacuum cleaners and wearing bat wings.

Kristin - OCD expert in Musicology and Expo marker fiend. Currently in a love affair with post-it notes.

Emily - Future motorcycle grandma and resident theologian. Rubber ducky collector and knitting extraordinaire.

KAKE can usually be found wreaking havoc in Wal-Mart, 7-11, McDonald's, or Whataburger; these are known among them as "Our Eternal Saviours Next to Jesus Christ".

KAKE's hobbies include knitting, drinking coffee, dreaming up future tattoos, listening to and making music (sometimes silently in the case of the one woman air band), discussing enthralling subjects such as kangaroos emitting lazer beams from their tales, dancing the Time Warp, and decorating bathrooms with silly messages and drawings in Expo markers.

They are known to hang around with their good friend, Archana, or Archie, who allows KAKE to sample her fabulous cooking. She is known affectionately as Freakazoid.
KAKE lovingly cares for their pet fish, Habbukkuk, who is made of paper and lives on the door of room 405.
Rufus: Let's go to the cool house!

Penelope: What's the cool house?

Rufus: The KAKE house!
by Henrietta Schminderkoff January 17, 2009

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