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A term first coined by the Pope of Negroism. It refers to a monotheistic religion that worships a God named Stan. Their Holy Book is the Kyble.

Stan created a donkey from the tip of His finger. Upon creating this donkey, he fornicated with it to create woman. He then fornicated with the woman to create a man. The man and woman only created more men and women. However, Stan and the donkey fornicated to create a spider. Spider and donkey created a tree. Spider and tree created pig. Pig and spider created horse. Upon this orgy of creation, Stan said with all His wisdom 'Fuck it, I'll create the rest from the tips of my fingers! This is starting to get like an episode of Jerry Springer!'. This is how creation came to be.

Contrary to it's name, Negroism has little to nothing to do with Black people.

Roy: That was a great sermon by the Pope of Negroism, yesterday.
Paul: Oh yes, I feel spiritually complete knowing that a god without fingertips watches over me.
by Henri-Francois d'Estragon January 04, 2007
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