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shit in finnish
se on aivan paska: its totally shit
by henri September 23, 2003
a modern endurance sport, consisting of swimming, cycling and running, in that order.
by Henri August 05, 2003
some one who wants to be cool and popular.
"joe is such a blabal"
or "who wants to be a blabal?"
by henri June 02, 2005
A guy who makes cool fonts
PizzaDude makes cool fonts
by Henri September 22, 2003
a word that you can place in for a cuss word or just because it is fun to say
you son of a bir chi chi chi!!!!!!
by Henri August 19, 2006
When a male takes his excess skin on his testicles and streches out to look like or resemble a bat wing.
"I dont have enough skin to make a bat wing damnit"
by Henri June 14, 2006

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