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A Subway Zombie is a ghoulish, unhealthy creature that begs for money using its smell and diseases as a weapon. Once a man or a woman, since years it's no longer human and never will be again. It lurks about at the subway area. Its clothes are torn and dirty, its long hair is felted, face and hands are covered with a patina of smut. Its always wide open eyes are rolling wildly deep in their cavities. It smells like a wet dog with an acrid smell of piss. Grunting it'll try to drive you into a corner with its outstretched claw, wanting your money. You'll give 10 bucks, fearing the glance of its eye, fearing its foul breath, fearing its blade like and broken greasy fingernails, fearing its unclean touch, while a pervert part of your brain shuddering realizes the several skin diseases of that Subway Zombie. "One touch of the filthy creature and you'll die of leprosy or much worse", is the only thing you're able to think till it's over.
Look Matt! What lucky beggars we are! The Subway Zombie is trying to drive a Japanese tourist into that left corner, let's escape the other way!, Darryl said gladly.
by Henning Mühlinghaus February 13, 2008
Equally to the blind spot of the retina, where the optic nerve is located, the deaf spot is that place of the eardrum, where you can find the hear nerve. This deaf spot is mostly a male-only problem, as German scientists discovered in the late 90s.
Darn! When Matt is watching football at TV he seems to be deaf. He'll not hear the telephone or doorbell ringing and if I call him, he'll not hear it too. It must be Matt's deaf spot!, Darryl said to her girlfriend.
by Henning Mühlinghaus February 13, 2008
A sensational, scrumptious, pretty, big girl with huge boobs - a kind of ultra heavy bombshell. Sometimes/Often/Always (choose for yourself) such girls were a bit booby/dumb, so that the word dum-dum the silliness sounds too.
Matt, you know, Shirley is a dum-dum - she'll flatiron you, man, Hank said.
What a manner of death, Matt whispered enthusiastic, keeping his eyes glued to Shirley.
by Henning Mühlinghaus February 13, 2008
Bored of so many brunches (artificial word of breakfast & lunch) in the 90s, wise man started to grill meat and sausages parallel to the brunch. So fearless men scrumptiously invented the grill-brunch - the grunch. Modern German sociologists call the grunch the most exciting social improvement of the new millennium. It's grunch-time, baby!
Thank god we're invited to a grunch! I couldn't have stand another boring brunch at Darryl and Matt!, Shirley said.
by Henning Mühlinghaus February 13, 2008
If someone has got a cough, the sniffles, sneeze and a sore throat, it all in all can be easily called "NyQuil", according to the Vicks product.
Mike behaves as if he has catched a virus from the movie-picture 'Outbreak', Sandy speaks smilingly into Shirley's ear.
Sure. He's always such a sissy. This guy just has got a classical NyQuil!, Mandy replies.
by Henning Mühlinghaus February 13, 2008
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