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Self-seeking tendencies such as hussling, lying, manipulation, and a disregard for the consequences of actions. Often employed by drug addicts, however, these actions do not have to be connected with drugs.
Guy 1: I just called my work and told them my grandma died so I don't have to go in.

Guy 2: Wow, dude. Really? You've been clean for six months and you're still pulling junkie shit.
by Henlo January 04, 2010
Selling someone fake drugs, or taking someone's money under the pretense of getting them drugs without the intention of actually doing so. Can also be used loosely to describe any situation in which someone screws over someone else with impunity.
Guy 1 (yelling out of his window as he drives off): You're beat, geek!

Guy 2 (to his friend): Aw, man. That guy isn't coming back with our shit. He just ran a beat move.
by Henlo January 04, 2010

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