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A fake piece of toast made of fabric that tends to fly easily. Doodledogs are usually used to demonstrate the meaning of the word toast to idiots.
Retard: "PHhhtoast?
Teacher: (throws doodledog at retard)
Retard: "Toast"
by Henley Stanfordsontownville October 29, 2003
A brand of Aerosol sprayed in the ass to seal it and thus prevent it from farting. Usually applied forcefully in dark places.
That guy was farting a lot, so I beat him up and put some Flonass in his crack to shut his ass up.
by Henley Stanfordsontownville October 29, 2003
A stupid huckster who has a lot of diamonds and gems and chests of gold, who spends his time in the ghetto to try to robbed.
Kid Rock was a ghettomonger, until he started mongering somewhere else.
by Henley Stanfordsontownville November 06, 2003
A type of special bee that hides in your sock at the most sneakiliest moment and then when you put your foot it stings you, making you say "Ow".
"Ow" that sneakish Sockhornet hid in my sock, and at the least possible expected moment, stung me and it hurt so bad I yelled my social security number.
by Henley Stanfordsontownville November 06, 2003
A donkey kill is arguably the most repugnant human sexual act. While engaging in anal (doing her up the ass), donkey punch her so hard that she dies. Congradulations, you have just executed the Donkey Kill.
Panzies Donkey Kill with a gun. Chuck Norris Donkey kills with his fist.
by Henley Stanfordsontownville June 21, 2005
A shit deposited directly into a toilet tank.
Theres a piece of shit in the toilet tank!
by Henley Stanfordsontownville October 24, 2003
A dilled pickle that becomes possessed by some dude and flops around.
Yo, dawg, look at that dillop floppin' all over that dude's floor! I hope it doesn't break anything.
by Henley Stanfordsontownville November 06, 2003

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