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The practice of using the format of HTML tags (namely closing tags) in textual conversation in order to make a point.
"Your mom's not a dirty whore.
"Dude, don't use FakeTML to talk about my mom."
by Henley Road October 14, 2009
To talk shit. Usually without warning (as with a laxative, except for your mouth).
Dumbass: "Yo fuck you, I ain't scared of you, or your boys or nobody, you're a little bitch and I fucked your girl!"

You: "Whoa buddy, I just whupped your father's ass with both hands behind my back and your mom's giving me sexy eyes. Why you laxatalkin'?"
by Henley Road October 16, 2009
When you see a very manly, built dude and expect him to have a super-deep burly man voice and he ends up sounding like a 10-year-old boy
That cop was like 6'5" 210 but when he asked me for my license and registration I had to try not to laugh cuz he sounded like he was 14. Posterchild for the Mike Tyson Effect
by Henley Road November 16, 2010
The act of kissing the girl on the neck, when discovering a girl that you're interested in smokes, and you're not a smoker (thus making you not want to kiss her).
"Dude, she's a smoker and you still got some? How did you kiss her, man?"
"I did it the Spanish Way."
"Ahhh, nice."
by Henley Road April 15, 2010

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