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An expression used as a respond when someone passes the millionth raincheck for a get together or date.
Derives from the Harry Chapin song "Cat's in the Cradle", telling the story of a father who never has time for his son and when the son grows up, he never has time for his father.
- So, how about that movie night we've been trying to have for six months now?
- Dude, I can't. Not now, I've got a lot on my schedule. Another time?
- "And the cat's in the cradle". Fine, another time then...

- Brad, dude, we've got this awesome party coming up this Friday. Why don't you join us? You've been away for months with your job.
- I can't, I have another deadline on Friday. I'm sorry. How about next Saturday?
- "And the cat's in the cradle". Screw you Brad, you never have time for us anymore.
by Henkibojj April 27, 2011

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