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A show about the Korean War that was on for atleast 3 times the actual length of the Korean War.
Sherman T Potter was a pimp.
by Henke August 27, 2005
A failing whereby seemingly normal people turn into raving, ranting bigots during the course of supporting their football team (either Glasgow Rangers of Heart of Midlothian).
Celtic fan 1: "Look at the chap over there foaming at the mouth and shouting rude things about the Pope"
Celtic fan 2: "Excuse him, he's obviously hundicapped"
by Henke August 17, 2005
Groupsex involving 4 men and one woman. From the beginning of the Gettysburg Address: "Four score..."
Guy #1: Yo, dude, me and three buddies Gettysburged this girl last night.
Guy #2: Gettysburged?
Guy #1: Yeah, four scored!
by Henke September 07, 2006
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