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Meaning "prostitute"
Literally "girl with a program"

"Fazer programa"
Meaning: offering her services as a prostitute
Voce e garota de programa?
Are you a prostitute?

Voce faz programa?
Are you available (as a prostitute)?
by Henk121178 January 23, 2007
Meaning "to fuck", though in normal use meaning "to eat"

Vou comer seu cu

I'm going to fuck you in the ass
by Henk121178 January 23, 2007
Meaning "to fuck"
Vou transar com aquela vadia esta noite.

I am going to fuck that bitch tonight.
by Henk121178 January 23, 2007
Dutch for visiting a prostitute. Derived from hoer and lopen, which means walking. Probably related to walking past the windows with hookers in Amsterdam.
Ben je weer aan het hoerenlopen geweest gisteravond?

Did you visit prostitutes again last night?
by Henk121178 January 23, 2007
Dutch for brothel, whorehouse. Also written as "hoerekast"
Gaan we vanavond nog naar de Aphrodite?
Nee man, da's toch een hoerenkast?
Ja, so what?

Are we going to the Aphrodite tonight?
No man, it's a whorehouse, isn't it?
Yeah, so what?
by Henk121178 January 23, 2007

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