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The ability of any game of the Civilization series to produce an addiction sufficient to warp spacetime around the player. Results in being tardy or accidently pulling a video game all-nighter.
Gamer Dude #1: "Well, I was playing Civilization 4 in the afternoon, and then, suddenly, it was the next morning!"

Gamer Dude #2: "Sounds like the Civilization affect, alright."
by Hengist December 30, 2005
1) The human institution by which a group of people come together for protection, the gathering of food, trade, the raising of young, and through this, create, share, and spread a common culture.

2) A large group of people who share a common culture.

3) Created by Sid Meier, a series of turn-based strategy computer games which charges the player with doing (1) to create a world dominant (2). Highly addictive and widely played. Used unwisely, causes the Civilization affect, which has ruined many careers.
1) The savages realized that they could survive in the harsh world by living together and helping each other survive. They formed a civilization.

2) One thousand years later, the descendents of those savages had formed a set of morals and beliefs distinct from their fellows.

3) One of those descendents lost any and all hopes of becoming a dentist through the use of Civilization.
by Hengist December 30, 2005
A ponderous tome, containing information in an encrypted form of english. Supposedly teaches how to do math, but incomprehensible to anyone who cannot already do math (See catch 22). Often, the number of Greek letters and obscure symbols found within outnumber the actual english words. Enjoyed by no one. Any exceptions lie.
After hours of studying his math book, he understood no math.
by Hengist December 30, 2005
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