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I heard this word being used in an NHL hockey game. The commentator had indicated that the participents had taken part in a kafuffle. To me it meant a minor or meaningless tussle or fight of no consequence.
"The kafuffle between Johnson and Smith didn't amount to much; not even minor penalties."
by Hendrikus J. Kleiss April 04, 2004
I saw this word printed in a newspaper article describing the psyche of a hockey coach. His team had just lost an NHL series. The word was used to define the following: soft, dispassionate, non-aggressive, unbold, unwillful, non-determination and lacking strength of character.
"The coach's milquetoast attitude towards the opposition and sticking to his dogged offensive attitudes had been their unravelling."
by Hendrikus J. Kleiss April 21, 2004
I heard this word used in context with shipping livestock over large distances. I think it would be best used to indicate the concept of stowing people or livestock in a small space and then moving them over a large distance. The opposite, defreight, would have similar meaning. I have used both words a lot in the autobiography that I have been working on.
"We had to enfreight our 8 bodies into this tiny car and had driven painfully to our destination"
by Hendrikus J. Kleiss April 04, 2004
I invented this word, I think, because I had read somewhere of the word "enfreight". To defreight means to extricate many bodies from a small area after having moved many miles. The idea of living mass as freight can be understood only when 8 to 10 people in a car travel great distances.
"Upon our arrival in Toronto, the defreighting process had not gone smoothly; we had literally slid out of our Chevy"
by Hendrikus J. Kleiss April 04, 2004

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