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If you are playing MLB2K13 we both know you are playing it for one reason and one reason only. That is the chance to win prize money for throwing a perfect game because heaven forbid that piece of trash be played for anything else.

That said, there's no way to win unless your pitcher is terrible which increases the difficulty and total points if you manage to throw that perfect game. But having a pitcher that gets his tits lit every two or three pitches only hurts more when your pitcher manages to make your fastball look like a sliding change up to the opposite spot of where ever you intended to throw the ball. This is where "thrown'n a dog" stems from.

Keep in mind that one can also intend to throw a dog. Throwing a dog can only happen when the ball is pitched and a "ball" is the result. Lets say you have 3 balls and 2 strikes. In this situation you can NOT walk this guy with a 4th ball. Not wanting to risk the perfect game and trusting your outfield if the batter gets a hit, you bring the heat down the gut of the strike zone trying to tear that hitter's asshole open. However with your pitcher being the piece of shit he is, he ruins your fucking life and "throws a dog".

You may also have 2 strikes and 0 balls so you decide to throw the batter a couple of dogs hoping he strikes out on the dog. When you are up to bat the computer will know you can't help but swing at everything and suffice it to say you'll be swinging at dogs, cuz them pitchers like throw'n a dog.
"FUCK! How is Kuroda gonna throw me a dog when he has THREE BALLS!!!!????"
"Oh yea I'm throw'n m' dogs!"
"Look at him swing at that dog."
"2 strikes? I'm throw'n a dog!"
"That's right Cabrera, SUCK THAT FUCKIN DOG!"
"How is the umpire gonna call a dog?"
by Hematocryal April 13, 2013
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