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A name for a tiny asian person, or an inbred squirrel.
"Jennifer, I dub you Shitooka."
"Hey, I bet those squirrels are amking a Shitooka"
#jennifer #asian #inbred #squirel #scrawny
by Helsinki Macbeth August 29, 2006
Drew. Whatever. A self proclaimed mosher, one who says they mosh, but they dont really mosh. Like, if they have a shirt that says M*O*S*H (pertaining to old show, M*A*S*H) but really, is afraid of a little elbow jabbed in the throat. That is a Moosher.
Drew: "I love to mosh."
You: "Really, whats your worst mosh injury?"
Drew: "Uhm... I got a scab on my elbow when I tripped on a beer can."
You: "Have you ever actually moshed?"
You: "Loser.You're such a freaking MOOSHER!"
#mosh #moosh #drew #elbow #injury #pants
by Helsinki Macbeth August 30, 2006
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