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Talcum powder that is used liberally around the balls / groinal area to avoid the dreaded sack rash. Can also be used whilst doing a handstand as hoop powder to create mini anal atomic mushroom clouds, as in Mr. Methane!
After an extreme shagfest, Chris said 'Pass me the knacker talc, me clems are on fire!'

In the case of hoop powder, 'Pour it down me crevis and stand clear - I'm about to let one off after eating that ninja curry last night!'
by Helmet Licker September 09, 2006
The red raw rubbing of the scrotom by over exuberant ball bags, usually found when running or shagging unfeasibly fast - like a minx!
"Anybody got any vaz, or knacker talc as me sack rash is buzzin'"
by Helmet Licker September 06, 2006
Plasma seepage from the cheb end following an excessivly heavy handed pud pulling session. Could also be caused by the insertion of randomly shaped objects into the pisspipe.
Dammit, said Walter. I knew I shouldn't have rammed that didgeridoo down me cheblet... now I'm pissing bone blood!

After a heavy spanking of the trousersnake, Stephen was rushed to hospital as bone blood belched from his throbbing, overly abused flexible friend!
by Helmet Licker September 12, 2006

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