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A person who is born in May. A May baby!
Girl: When is your birthday?
Guy: May 21st!
Girl: oh you are a maybe!
Guy: a what?
Girl" A May baby!
guy: word
by Hells February 13, 2008
Derby Street is a strip mall in Hingham, MA. It has over priced stores and really annoying people. It just like the mall expect, it is outside and 100% more annoying. Instead of mall rats you have stupid rich teeny bopper hoes who rock their north face jackets and Ugg boots with their seven jeans. Derby Street is gay plain and simple. It is full of well to do mothers who pretend like they are Marc Jacob models while shopping in Ann Taylor Loft with their screaming infants, next stop Baby Gap! During the Christmas season Derby Street blasts Christmas music and has people dress as santa and harass people. Even when it is not the holidays Derby Street blasts classic music through out the whole strip mall. On one side of Derby Street you have expensive stores and on the other half you have shitty ass Kolhs. If you like rich MILFS, Range Rovers, and classical music this place is for you. Make sure you stop at REI get yourself a north face fleece then go to the Shoe Market and grab some Uggs then you can truly call yourself cool! Just go the South Shore Plaza it has a Forever 21 and people don’t think they are the shit because they are shopping outside in Hingham.
Rich Kid: Mom lets go to Derby Street I need a new ipod and overpiced jeans!
MILF: OK! Let me dress like I am 21 and be a whore at Crate & Barrel!!!!!!
by Hells January 11, 2008

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