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3 definitions by HellraiserMcGee

When a guy blows his load in a girls mouth, and makes her sing "Dont Stop Believen'" By Journey
Dude I made Brandi "jizzioke" last night.. NICE
by HellraiserMcGee September 27, 2010
When you put Tabasco sauce in a girl's butt-hole, then make her do a hand-stand.
"My asshole burns so bad".


"Ronnie made me do a Tabasco Tornado".

by HellraiserMcGee March 27, 2011
Word for annoying, incesty, redneck that everyone has down the street. Usually found in the south.
"Tickle my butthole, Brandi!" Says Mr. Huffman to his daughter.
by HellraiserMcGee July 29, 2011