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Counter-Strike is a popular online multiplayer game for the PC and XBOX. It was made during 1999, shortly after half-life. it uses the half-life engine, but it has been upgraded multiple times. down to the core, it still uses the half-life engine, just...sort of upgraded. it pits two teams against each other, Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. There are different types of maps as well. The guns in the game (which you have to buy using the money you gain for killing enemies, bombing targets, rescuing hostages, winning rounds, etc) are true to life, except, when the game was made, it was made with a left handed gun view, so the right handed is actually reverse from how the gun looks in real life. the different types of maps are: es, de, as, cs, fy, surf, he. es is escape, in which terrorists have to escape, and where CTs have to kill al Ts. de is bomb, in which terrorists have to plant a bomb, and CTs defuse, as is assasination, where Cts have to protect a VIP, and Ts have to kill him, CS is hostage rescue, fy is frag yard, where you have to basically just kill everyone, surf is just...well...surfing. and he is a "grenade map". Note: most defintions here are of people who have never played CS or only played it for a short time and sucked, but in truth is a very fun game.
You, go defuse, ill take the T coming up stairs! yes, we win! that was a good round of counterstrike there...
by HelloHalo July 17, 2006

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