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Hello Kitty originated in Japan, where it was simply a cartoon cat invented for young children. I, as a child had a pair of Hello Kitty Pj's, several Hello Kitty toys and a Hello Kitty T shirt. However, suddenly, Hello Kitty has evolved into some sort of scene kid mascot. Every scene kid you come across seems to be wearing some sort of Hello Kitty merchandise. The even worse point I am yet to make is that scene kids are basically wannabe emos, and how the hell is Hello Kitty emo at all. This is revolting, as these monsters have transformed a simple children's character into the leader of their ridiculous cult.
Kate the scene kid: "Omg, look at this new tee I got from Afflecks palace! It's Hello kitty!"
Laura the scene kid: "Oh my days! That is so awesome, now we look sooooooooo emo =]"
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