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1. a state where someone is leaving in a state of catatonic stupor. Said person is so incompetant and so inconprehending that you can drop hints of something being wrong or going wrong bad and the person won't respond or bat an eye. It's a state of being in dream land. As it's said, "Ignorance Is Bliss".

2. a condition where a person "plays dumb" in order to flunk out of a class he or she hates and doesn't want to be in anyhow.
1. for years the economy has been in horrible shape. Many people have been diverted by war shown as entertainment on TV (manipulating prejudices, stereotypes and hateful passions), lovely sexy-but-airheaded bimbos, gossip, and star worship and more. The newscaster throws in a brief bit about the recession then he tells some cockamaimy or cutesy-wutsey heart-tugger tale. The unnoticing, inattentive and unflinching public says "Amen". They have become comfortably dumb.

2. Soozie hated her Business class. She was pressured by her academic advisor to sign up for it, so she intentually flunked all its exams. She acted comfortably dumb to get out a course that bored her to tears.

3, and the paper today
tells of war and waste
then you turn right over to the TV page...

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