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gamer slang, used mostly on off topic forums for blizz games

a) it literally means for teh win

b) something cool
a) mass huntz 4tw

b) "Hellbourne!" "4tw"
by Hellbourne March 22, 2005
gameboy SP

its like a gba, but its screen flips up like a cell phone, and it has a backlight

basically, its for all of us who play gameboy during pe..
dude, leme play juur sp
by Hellbourne March 22, 2005
the dual screen, when first released, it had only one good game for it, and that was a remake of mario 64.

basically, its got 2 screens, ones a touch screen, and the others, well, a screen.

wireless multiplayer, instant messanger style pictochat, and a few other small things, its pretty slick

but, it huge, and hardly fits in your pockets, and only has 6-10 hours of battery life.

oh, and its rechargable
dude, did juu get juur ds?
by Hellbourne March 22, 2005

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