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Usually a very unusual girl. Her favorite things to do is fuck any guy she sees. She lies all the time and boys still go after her. Her body was sculpted by a goddess. She can be very crazy. If your a guy and you see Brooke run away before she infects you. Another word for a Brooke is slut, whore, cunt, ex.....
Oh my girlfriend just cheated on me again she's such a Brooke.

I got fucked by Brooke and I couldn't even feel her pussy.
by Hell raiser June 17, 2013
1. Occurs in Wegman's parking lots at ungodly hours of the night, many present, but after eyes meet, there is a feeling of warmth and satisfaction inside...that will always be there.
"DUDE, Lindsay and Dave are over?"
"Yeah man"
"But those two were like in love at first sight."
"Those feelings are still there, it just can't work out right now"
by Hell Raiser November 11, 2006

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