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7 definitions by Hell Yeah I'm American!

A kick-ass anime where a group of teenagers confront demons and dwindle on the border between life and death, demons and humans, and reality and fantasy. It is one of VERY few anime where the main character isn't all about virtue and peace and all that other stuff that makes animes look like comic book heroes. Man I hate it when they do that. The series goes on for 104 episodes with 7 sagas, the last three of which are the longest.

The series opens with Yuske Urameshi, a 14 year old loner who has no friends, never attends school, and gets into fights just to blow off steam. In a freak accident, he gets run over by a car and dies. He is confronted by the "grim reaper"(really a young lady in a kimono who rides on an oar) who says his death was not supposed to happen, so he gets another chance at lif, but becomes a detective for the underworld. His main weapon is a weapon of concentrated aura blown from his finger as a gun.

He is soon joined by Kuwabara, a fellow classmate who's only goal is to beat Yusuke in a street fight, but never does, Kurama, a collected individual who is "bishonen", and is constantly pushing himself to his own suicide. Basically, Kurama is a masochist. And Hiei, a demon convicted who weilds a sword and constantly wants to taste the blood of his opposers. He never truly sheds his "evil" skin.

Basiclly, after Trigun and Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu yu Hakusho is the best anime ever made.
You seen Yu yu hakusho? Man it kicks ass.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! July 05, 2005
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Basiclly, american anime that involves a guy with a mecha, but is strictly a comedy. It is, by technicality, a cartoon, but relates more to anime(this is because the two makers are fans of anime). The show features the voices of Wendee Lee and Steven Jay Blum, basiclly, america's greatest voice-over actors. It is the greatest cartoon ever and shouldn't have been cancelled.
Megas XLR: The way cartoons should be.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! August 23, 2005
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Something 75% of people on earth will NEVER know. True love is something that not even marriage has the power to fully make. 50% of marriages end in divorce and so many people are still single.
Q: Can it be true love?
A: Well, probably not. But if it is, then you and he/she are two in a millon.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! August 04, 2005
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The senator of Massachusetts. He is a worthless $hitbag who doesn't deserve to clean bathrooms at McFaty's, but still goes there to eat every day for 4 of his meals(He goes to Cholesterol King for his other 3). He hates Bush because he's jealous that people don't hate him as much. He's worse then John Kerry. His father was involved in international crime and his brother(not John) was a womanizer. And you just thought it couldn't get any worse? He also muderred his wife while he was drunk, but nobody pressed charges. And finally, to top it all off, THIS ASSHOLE JUST WON'T DIE! You can put a bullet through his skull and he still is going to live to torture the city of Boston.
Ted Kennedy.see also: Drunk, McFaty's,Liberal, Boston, shitbag.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! July 13, 2005
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4 fat guys from Texas. If they weren't musically gifted, they would be complete losers. I think they're good, but you dumbasses are arguing if they're good or not. I side with neither and will mock you both. First, they are a good band and this obsession with 1985, it isnt a nonsense song. It's about a woman remembering how she loved the 80's but the fans don't give a damn and don't understand the song. Second, they aren't a punk band. They might have the right to be since they were all losers in school(I'm pretty sure they were) unlike this jackasses like My Chemical Romance. They don't complain that their life sucks in their songs. And for people who think they're punk, these songs pertain to absolutely NOBODY! Everyone thinks there life sucks, but they aren't as bad as they think. You just ruin your own life. Anyway, I could have stopped at "4 fat guys from Texas"
Bowling for Soup used to be complete losers in high school.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! July 20, 2005
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A member of the brotherhood of freemasonry. Unlike what people say, freemasons are not satanists. In fact, if you dont believe in the one true God, you cant get in. Second, the conspiratory belief that they rule the world is most likely false. They cant understand when people have secrets they want to keep. Everyone has their own secrets. Freemasons focus on brotherly love, fellowship, and most of all, charity.
George Washington and the signers of the Declaration of Independence were all but one freemasons.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! January 17, 2006
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A crass, hispanic comedian. He has been called a racist, a spick,an unamerican, an insult to mexicans( or the "politically correct" hispanic), and has recieved death threats. But you know what...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Carlos Mencia is a funny comedian who recently got a show on Comedy Central calle "Mind of Mencia", showcasing his ability to be completely and brutally honest about the strange new world around him called america.
Did you see Mind of Mencia last night? It was funny!
Friend: I'm mexican dumbass. That guy aint funny.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! July 13, 2005
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