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Beer that should only be consumed by red necks and college students. Very cheap and is known to be purchased in cases of thirty, aka dirty thirty.
We went to the fraternity party and there were numerous cases of Busch Light.
by Hell Rell August 19, 2006
Someone who is known around the hood for selling drugs and making it big.
Young Jeezy used to be a hood star until he made it big in the rap game.
by Hell Rell August 05, 2006
Master P's son aka Romeo's title for his record company.
Romeo and his dad just put out their first record from guttar music.
by Hell Rell August 21, 2006
When you smoke that sticky icky and reach a point where you are high and cannot function
Peter was blewout after he smoked that joint with Ryan.
by Hell Rell August 13, 2006
A drink that contains bitters, club soda, sugar, marshino cherrys and a orange slice.
Jordan thinks he is cool because he is making himself old fashioneds but i ate all of the cherrys and orange slices.
by Hell Rell August 06, 2006

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