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The best State. Even though Granholm fucked us up. I was born in Ann Arbor and lived in southeast Michigan my whole life. It is a beautiful state. Even though there are a lot of poor people, there are still those that are normal.

People in Michigan go on vacation in their own state because its beautiful. Everyone has a boat and goes to lakes "up north" or to their "cottage" (coddage) If you don't own a boat, no worries, one of your friends does for sure and they'll let you chill with them.

People in Michigan are aggressive drivers and actually know how to drive, unlike people in most other states. There are lakes everywhere that people vacation at, so you get to meet new people a lot.

I vacation at Higgin's lake and Burt Lake in the northern lower peninsula and it is beautiful, except for when you can't go on the boat because its storming. The Great Lakes are awesome too (esp. Huron) even though they are a little chilly.

In the Summer(ish season) there are a lot of rich people from other states that go to the lakes because its so cheap to vacation in Michigan.

And the people are nice. Though a lot of people have lost their jobs and are poor, they are still the most generous people you could find.
Grew up in Hamburg, Canton, Plymouth, and Howell Michigan.

Michigan is kind of the vernacular bridge for words.

*We know what soda is, but we call it by the right name: POP
some may even choose to call it soda-pop
*A woodchuck and a groundhog are the same thing, but we call it by the right name: WOODCHUCK

*a refrigerator is a "fridgerator"
*government is "goverMit"
* Stores such as Meijer, Kroger, and K-mart get a possessive s attached for whatever reason and become Meijer's, Kroger's, and K-mart's.

* The beach refers to whatever lake you are closest to, whether it be a great lake or a smaller one.

*There is such a thing as a Michigan accent we pronounce t's in the middle of worlds like d's (city= Ciddie)and we draw out our a's (baaathroom)
*If you are from the U.P. (that's upper peninsula for you outsiders) then you are a yooper, if you are from the lower peninsula, you are a Troll (because you are below the Bridge)
*The "Bridge" refers to the Mackinac Bridge
*Correct pronunciations of Mackinac= Mackinac Bridge-MackinaW, Mackinaw City-MackinaW, Straits of Mackinac-MackinaCK, Fort Michilimackinac- MichilimackinaCK
by Heliolater July 08, 2010
Dark meat Chicken nuggets found at ghetto restaurants like McDonald's
Imma go to McDonald's and get me sum chicken niggets!
by Heliolater July 01, 2010
V. The Act of pleasing your tiny penis with tweezers, since your fingers are too big.

N. Referring to someone who has a penis so small that they have to use tweezers to please themselves.
1) I caught Billy in his room having a Tweezer Pleaser!

2) Dude, you are such a Tweezer Pleaser!
by Heliolater July 01, 2010

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