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When you date someone you also work with. Can turn out to be a very violatile situation when it comes time to break up.
Joe: Did you see that new billing clerk? I am so going to ask her out.
Max: Dude, don't go fishing off the company pier.
by Helena Handbasket December 01, 2003
An erotic dream. Doesn't have to be a wet dream. Just a dream involving some kind of sex.
It was so hot! I had a sethy about Colin Farrell last night.
by Helena Handbasket November 30, 2003
Someone who 'jams' up a gaydar. Someone who gays but is straight. Or someone who acts straight but is gay.
Guy one: Ugh, I can't tell if that hottie is gay or straight.
Guy Two: I know, he shops at American Eagle but he listens to Abba
Guy one: What a total jammer!
by Helena Handbasket August 08, 2003
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