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12 definitions by HelenHar

(n.) A man who sleeps with a lot of women, i.e. gets a lot of pussy/beaver.
Named after Jerry Mathers, who played the lovable Beaver from 1957-63 on the hit show "Leave it to Beaver".
That Bill has a different chick every night. He's a real mathers!
by HelenHar January 26, 2007
14 12
A person, place or thing that undergoes a dramatic transformation from straight to gay.
BILLY: Hey Judy, why the long face?
JUDY: Well, Billy, me and the girls went out on the Westside and there were no straight guys to be found. I can't believe how much it's changed over there. It's practically West Hollywood!
BILLY: Sounds like the Westside has been homovered.
JUDY: Yes, it gas been homovered!
by HelenHar October 11, 2007
1 0
A frustrating night in which one gets only a couple hours of sleep due to work, stress or partying (as opposed to a full night's rest).
BILLY: Susie, you look like sh*t today!
SUSIE: Thanks, Billy.
BILLY: Seriously, what's wrong?
SUSIE: I don't know! I went to bed at eleven and didn't fall asleep until three! Got only four hours of sleep!
BILLY: Sounds like a night nap.
SUSIE: Yes, it was a night nap!
by HelenHar March 10, 2008
6 6
A particular kind of civilian love-making in the graphic/raunchy/loud manner we as viewers expect from such HBO shows as THE SOPRANOS, TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, THE WIRE and sometimes BIG LOVE.
BILLY: Hey, Susie, you sure are walking funny today.
SUSIE: You ain't whistling dixie, Billy. Me and that guy I met at Hyde totally had HBO Sex last night. I can barely sit down.
BILLY: Damn, you sure look it.
by HelenHar April 24, 2008
13 20
black high-top Converse.
BILLY: Hey Susie, what you wearing to the Black Keys concert?
SUSIE: Prob just jeans and my hipster tuxedo.
BILLY: Hipster tuxedo?
SUSIE: Yeah, my black high-top Convos, you fool.
BILLY: Right! I guess I am wearing my hipster tuxedo too!
by HelenHar March 31, 2008
13 31