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beyond obnoxious, usually pertaining to a LA local hipster/actor type who doesn't shut up and draws attention to him or herself in public places like the whole world cares to hear them speak.
I was at my friend's performance piece in Silverlake over the weekend and during intermission some starving actress/whore spectator type was turned around in her seat, standing up and yapping to her insipid hipster friends behind her like the whole audience cared what she thinks about her louis vuitton bag!her voice was scraping the side of my brain! she was fugnoxious!
by helenhar April 24, 2007
A frustrating night in which one gets only a couple hours of sleep due to work, stress or partying (as opposed to a full night's rest).
BILLY: Susie, you look like sh*t today!
SUSIE: Thanks, Billy.
BILLY: Seriously, what's wrong?
SUSIE: I don't know! I went to bed at eleven and didn't fall asleep until three! Got only four hours of sleep!
BILLY: Sounds like a night nap.
SUSIE: Yes, it was a night nap!
by HelenHar March 10, 2008
A person, place or thing that undergoes a dramatic transformation from straight to gay.
BILLY: Hey Judy, why the long face?
JUDY: Well, Billy, me and the girls went out on the Westside and there were no straight guys to be found. I can't believe how much it's changed over there. It's practically West Hollywood!
BILLY: Sounds like the Westside has been homovered.
JUDY: Yes, it gas been homovered!
by HelenHar October 11, 2007
A particular kind of civilian love-making in the graphic/raunchy/loud manner we as viewers expect from such HBO shows as THE SOPRANOS, TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, THE WIRE and sometimes BIG LOVE.
BILLY: Hey, Susie, you sure are walking funny today.
SUSIE: You ain't whistling dixie, Billy. Me and that guy I met at Hyde totally had HBO Sex last night. I can barely sit down.
BILLY: Damn, you sure look it.
by HelenHar April 24, 2008
black high-top Converse.
BILLY: Hey Susie, what you wearing to the Black Keys concert?
SUSIE: Prob just jeans and my hipster tuxedo.
BILLY: Hipster tuxedo?
SUSIE: Yeah, my black high-top Convos, you fool.
BILLY: Right! I guess I am wearing my hipster tuxedo too!
by HelenHar March 31, 2008

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