39 definitions by Helen

To vomit, throw up, be sick
I was so bladdered last night I splagged all over my bed
by Helen December 07, 2004
A flavorfull flaboyant man with a bitchin' stlye and gets all the ladies. Basiclley a white metrosexual pimp.
Damn bo', you are one Grybowski.
by Helen May 07, 2005
he is so cool that isnt his real name but he is one of the nicest dudes alive dont mess with him or my best friend not saying no names will kill u
hey huch see u tomorrow
by Helen January 25, 2004
synonym for good, great, awesome, fantastic, super...
urban dictionary dot com rips.
by helen July 31, 2004
a word that is commonly used in the madpi's language arts table, stolen by garrett, from helen, who stole it from alex. wondefunk is the best word ever.
teacher: here's you're vocab homework
me; wondefunk!
by helen August 11, 2004
a very cool word, that i often use. Can be used to make emphasis on something. Rather surprising. Or simply as a word sometimes used in magical spells etc
"shazzam, jack hit jill on the nose"

"i will make a rabbit come out of this hat... SHAZZAM!"
by helen July 18, 2004
The oldest ice hockey team in British history. Have not won the league since 1956 and have not won anything else for several years.

They hate the sheffield steelers
the nottingham panthers lost the league/challenge cup/play offs (delete as appropriate) to the sheffield steelers, again!
by Helen February 13, 2004
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