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3 definitions by Helefant

noun. a way for facebook to demand that you use your navigational skills while trying to talk to your friends
Chaz: Bro, why do you have your compass out?
Chez: Cause I can't find my friends list on this stupid timeline!
by helefant March 26, 2012
16 3
A person who freeloads off of the swag of someone else by following him/her around.
Last night at the party, Eric and Dave followed Charlemagne around the whole time. Charlemagne's pretty cool, but the other two are such swagloaders.
by helefant December 11, 2011
10 1
A Smithson (Smit or Smitty for short) is a joint rolled partially with weed and partially with dried tea leaves (preferably peppermint). Smithsons are known for their cool and relaxing hits.
Steve: Charlie you rollin' up that j?
Charlie: Chill Steve, I got a Smithson goin right here.
Steve: Oh shit my man knows how to get it done. Good choice on the Smit, broski.
by Helefant February 02, 2013
8 0