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When a Mexican goes crazy after realizing that his Country is Doomed
Lady: Did you hear about the subway shooting?

Lady 2: Yes, that guy went crazy...

Lady: what do you think is wrong with him?

Lady 2: Banderas Syndrome. Thats what the doctors are calling it.
by Helden October 21, 2010
When a Mexican goes Crazy after realizing that his country is Doomed
Lady : Did you hear about the shooting at the Balderas Station?

Lady 2: Yes , that guy went crazy and ended up killing an elderly man.

Lady: why do you think he did it?

Lady 2: The time he spent in the U.S changed him, and now that he's back, he has realized that the situation here in Mexico is really bad.

Lady: that happens to a lot of people, they should come up with a name for that.

Lady 2: they came up with a name..they are calling it the Balderas Syndrome.
by Helden October 21, 2010
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